3-Card Spread

This is a perfect spread to use daily. You don’t need to have a topic in mind. Just pull 3 cards randomly from the deck and allow your intuition to guide you. See the three cards as a story about something happening in your life right now.

If you do have a subject you seek clarity on, speak a question clearly first and then lay out the cards as shown here. Choose from one of the following interpretations for the 3 cards before you’ve drawn them:

1.  The Situation               2.  The Challenge               3.  The Solution

1.  My Body               2.  My Mind               3.  My Spirit

1.  The Past               2.  The Present               3.  Potential Future

1.  I Think               2.  I Feel               3.  I Will Do

1.  My Strength               2.  My Weakness               3.  Advice

1.  Where I Am               2.  Where I Want to Go               3.  How I’ll Get There

1.  The Situation               2.  The Context               3.  My Inner Wisdom

5-Card Cross Spread

This versatile spread empowers you to look more closely at any situation. Reflect on the topic as you shuffle the cards and then deal as shown. As with the 3-Card Spread, you can also perform this spread without a subject to address. Simply deal the cards and use Card 1 to indicate the central theme of the spread.

Like with all tarot spreads, remember that each card should be understood in the context of all others. They make up a story of some aspect of your life in the here and now.

For best results, explore your insights in a journal.

1.  The Situation – The heart of the matter, or central theme of the spread

2.  What’s led to the Situation – Something from the past that got you here

3.  The Challenge – Something testing you right now

4.  The Solution – How to address the challenge

5.  What to do Now – Your “action” card. Focus on doing this.

Getting Started Spread

Starting something new, like a job, a project, or some other adventure? It’s always helpful to begin anything new with an optimistic spirit and mindful intention. Use this six-card spread to gain intuitive insight as you get out of your comfort zone and discover new horizons.

1.  My Strength – An innate talent you possess as you begin

2.  My Goal – What you want to achieve in this new endeavor

3.  My Challenge – A factor that will test you

4.  External Support – Something or someone in your life that will aid you on the journey

5.  Internal Support – Something within yourself that will aid you

6.  Getting Started – What you should focus on as you begin

Celtic Cross Spread

This classic spread was invented by Arthur E Waite, the co-creator of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. It has many variations and is the most popular large spread in tarot. It is a powerful way of gaining a tremendous amount of insight around any situation in your life.

Performing the Celtic Cross on each New Moon is a wonderful way to align to nature’s cycles and have a mindful monthly “check-in” with your intuitive self. Remember to view each card within the context of all others in the spread and journal your insights.

1.  Me Now – A central theme in your life currently (Or if you’re doing this spread to address a specific situation, a central theme pertaining to that situation)

2.  Current Challenge – An issue that is testing you

3.  Conscious Goal – What you want

4.  Subconscious Influence – Something affecting you that you might not have considered

5.  Waning Factor – An influence from your past which led you here

6.  Waxing Factor – An influence that is coming into view and getting stronger

7.  My Potential – Something you are ready to start acting on

8.  My Support – Someone of something that assists you now

9.  Hope or Fear – What you hope for or fear (Often both)

10.  Potential Outcome – Where you’re going on the current trajectory

This or That Spread

If you’re struggling to make a decision between two options, this spread will help. It provides an “apples-to-apples” comparison to help you get to the heart of the matter. If there’s a third option, add five more cards for Choice C, and conclude the spread with the “Final Advice” card.

Make sure to determine which option is Choice A and which is Choice B before dealing the cards.

CHOICE A:                                        CHOICE B:

1.  The Upside                                 6.  The Upside

2.  The Downside                            7.  The Downside

3.  My Mind Says                             8.  My Mind Says

4.  My Heart Says                            9.  My Heart Says

5.  Why A is Best                            10.  Why B is Best

     11.  Final Advice