…looking at a picture card and having a deep sense of knowing wash over you. All fear and confusion erased in an instant, replaced by a kind of clarity from within that practically blinds you. Imagine this sense of knowing being accompanied by overwhelming feelings of inner peace; an unmistakable connection to something transcendent; and a love so strong you’re overcome by joy and a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

All this from looking at a card!

This experience describes a spiritual awakening. Those of us who have never awakened to our inner source of divinity can hardly believe such an experience is possible, much less from a tarot card. But it certainly is possible, even for those of us who’ve never tried any kind of mystical practices. If it feels like something crucial but hard to define is missing from your life, take comfort in knowing that even those of us who are skeptics and consider ourselves completely rational can have a spiritual awakening.

Carl Jung once said, “Show me a sane man and I’ll cure him for you.” Those of us who are all-too-sane generally don’t believe in spiritual awakenings. I didn’t, before all this began. But my sanity was starting to drive me crazy. Meanwhile I had a very vague sense that something beyond my understanding – something transcendent – was possible, even though I had no idea what it was or how it might actually happen.

Does any part of you suspect that such a thing is possible, even though your logical mind insists otherwise? I invite you to allow for the possibility that something very special is possible.

Please take a moment to be still. Listen.

Do you hear your divine nature calling to you? It resides with the quiet space within our hearts. It wants us to awaken to its profound wisdom and love, and to guide us toward living our personal destiny.

Welcome. THANK YOU for being here.


The Fool greets us at the outset of our journey. They are a perfect symbol for our fresh new beginning. They tell us to discard our expectations! Look with childlike eyes. See through the lens of “beginner’s mind”. Embrace fresh new opportunities.

The Fool is Key #0, and as such is an empty vessel. It indicates pure potential, that magical moment when anything is possible. You start fresh; your whole life begins anew. Please dear reader, at least for right now, don’t worry about figuring anything out. Just celebrate this beginning, when you have so very much to look forward to. Cue the music, do a happy dance. Shake off all the stuff that’s been weighing you down. As of now, you are free if you want to be.

How do you feel? Are you intrigued, excited, maybe a little nervous? I understand. That was my experience when I started (quite foolishly) on my “Hero’s Journey”. Be comforted and inspired in the knowledge that all heroes (and heroines) begin as “fools”. Through some fateful combination of internal forces and external circumstances, they are called forth to realize their divine nature and to fulfill their personal destiny. They answer their call to adventure.

I invite you to look closely at the Fool. What does this card say to you? Perhaps it inspires you to set out on this adventure with optimism, faith, and a just a little reckless abandon. To awaken to our divine nature, we need something fresh and new to jolt us out of the comfortable little rut we’ve created for ourselves. So here you are, about to use a deck of cards to realize your divine nature? How crazy is that? Yes! And isn’t it wonderful? Double Yes! Maybe you feel a little foolish. I invite you to say YES to this call to adventure because that’s what a fool – and the future hero/heroine does. From a place deep inside they say “Yes” and off they go.

NOW is the time to be inspired, even if there’s still a bit of skepticism. Look at the Fool card once more. As the big bright Sun blesses our Fool’s journey, may you also be blessed on yours. Have fun, be brave, embrace joy. This is the start of something quite wonderful!


This is my foolish attempt at trying something different: a free, online “book” about how to use tarot for realizing your divine nature. The Tarot Awakenings Online Book is intended for those hearing the call to awaken, particularly those who are open to learning tarot as a method for awakening. This book is not about fortune telling or predicting the future. It’s about practicing a mystical system with sacred intention to develop your intuition. When used as suggested in this book, tarot will connect the reader to the profound experience of the HERE & NOW. That magical dimension – centered and in the present – is where awakening happens.

Do you sense there’s more to you than what you’re currently experiencing? Does life feel less than what your soul is telling you it ought to be? The desire to awaken is natural and universal. At some point in our lives we’re all called to wake up to the powerful essence that’s buried deep down inside of us. For many this call occurs while undergoing personal tragedy. For others, it happens during midlife. There are no prerequisites for awakening, no religious or philosophical knowledge you must possess. If you want it badly enough, you’ll have it. Having said that, awakening is much more likely to occur with a method or system to follow. Meditation and yogic practices are examples of these methods. So is tarot.


The book’s Table of Contents is listed below, and is gradually being built as the chapters are written and posted. I will be editing and rewriting as I go, so expect chapters to change.  I am setting off on this adventure without knowing where it’s leading or how it’s all going to work out. In the process I’m throwing away conventional wisdom for how a book is supposed to be written and published. The idea is to write and publish this book here, chapter by chapter, free for anyone who wants to use it. Perhaps someday a print or e-version of it will be offered. By its intended nature, this is a work in progress. Much like the Fool, I’m waiting to see where the path takes us!

Please use this information to awaken to your divine nature. Check in often to see the book take shape. If you have any questions or comments about what you read here, feel free to contact me. I encourage you to tell a friend and enjoy this process together, supporting each other as you learn tarot for awakening. Also, feel free to support me by joining my email list, following Tarot Awakenings on Facebook and Instagram, joining my online Meetup Group, or reading my first book Rise & Shine: A Guide for Your Midlife Awakening. (offered in the more traditional style as a paperback or eBook)

Now off we go, on this wonderful journey together. Let’s have fun. Let’s awaken to our profound divine nature.

Table of Contents