I feel blessed and honored helping people who are awakening to the source of truth, wisdom, and love within themselves. Tarot is a tremendously effective and fun method for developing your intuition, gaining greater mindfulness, and transforming into the most authentic version of yourself.
I offer two primary types of services: Tarot Mentoring and Tarot Coaching.

Tarot Mentoring

What methods do you currently use to awaken your intuition? Is there some practice that enables you to experience the profound wisdom and love inside yourself?

If you’re not sure, consider it another way: Do you experience powerful, inspirational “Aha!” moments on a regular basis? For many years I didn’t know such a thing was possible. But when I learned how to use tarot for myself, I discovered an incredible tool for unlocking these sacred gifts we all possess inside us.

I offer Tarot Mentoring to teach others how to use this intuitive method for themselves. I have great passion for this because my personal tarot practice has made such a profound impact on my life. I love guiding others on their path of awakening using tarot as a fun and sacred tool.

When I first felt called to explore tarot, I was inspired and excited. I couldn’t wait to dig in. I soon discovered there are so many books, websites, and other resources about the subject, it got overwhelming. It felt like there was too much to figure out, especially as someone new to an intuitive practice. Which decks were the “good ones”? What books should I buy? How do I know I’m doing it right??

My mentoring program simplifies the learning process. I teach you what has worked so well for me, while collaborating with you to develop a method that works best for you and your schedule. I keep you moving forward by providing recommended assignments, resources, and advice. I’m there as your open-minded, non-judgmental, and loving support. As part of this service I also offer helpful astrological guidance using your natal chart.

The Tarot Mentoring service is available as a package of 6 or 12 one-hour sessions online through Zoom. 12 are recommended for those with little experience using intuitive methods, or for those who want to establish a firmer foundation for their practice. Either way, you also receive personal email support from me throughout the program.

Please contact me if you might be interested in a mentoring relationship, and we will determine if it is a good fit for you. I’m happy to offer a free consultation call to discuss the process with you, and to answer all of your questions. Send me an email at tarotawakenings@gmail.com or call me at 561-701-3912 and we will arrange a time to speak.

Tarot Mentoring:

6 Sessions – $599

12 Sessions – $999

(Please note payment is required prior to services.)

Tarot Coaching

My Tarot Coaching process combines the mysticism of tarot cards with the empowerment and support of life coaching. Our sessions are collaborative, where I share the cards that come up in your reading and we determine together how they provide guidance and opportunities for improving your life. It’s a fun and effective way to shift your perspective toward greater clarity, infused with intuitive wisdom and love.

Please understand that I am not a “fortune teller” who will predict your future. My method uses this sacred tool for seeing what’s happening in your life HERE & NOW. As a professional certified life coach, I’m here to help you explore possibilities for growth, and get you moving toward the life you truly want to live. I provide caring, non-judgmental support designed to get you out of the “problems” and into the solutions.

How can I help you? Is there a specific area of your life that you’re looking to improve? We can look at issues around your love life, career direction, finances, personal development, or anything else where you’re ready for new inspiration.

Otherwise, maybe you’re not sure what area of your life you want to look at with fresh eyes. If you’ve got a serious case of the “blahs” we can take a holistic look at your life from the Big Picture point of view. This fresh perspective can be just what’s called for to shake you out of your rut and start feeling more alive again.

To get the most out of the coaching process, I recommend purchasing a package of sessions. For packages, the initial consultation lasts 90 minutes, and each session afterward is one hour in length. All services are performed online through Zoom meetings. They’re fun, so bring your favorite beverage and an open mind!

As part of Tarot Coaching packages I also provide helpful astrological guidance using your natal chart. It’s amazing how much deep truth and wisdom can be gleaned by looking closely at where the planets were positioned at the time you were born. Like tarot cards, the planets and signs of the zodiac reveal archetypal themes that can heal and inspire, when approached with mindful intention.

You may have your sessions recorded if you wish for no extra charge, available for one year. I also send an email with pictures of the cards you received in your reading for further reflection.

Please contact me to schedule a session or ask any questions. I’m happy to offer a free consultation call to help you determine if my tarot coaching services are a good fit for you. Send me an email at tarotawakenings@gmail.com or call me at 561-701-3912 and we will arrange a time to speak.

Tarot Coaching Packages:

4 Sessions: $425

8 Sessions: $799

Single sessions:

30 Minutes: $60

60 Minutes: $110

(Please note payment is required prior to services.)

“Frank is a master of tarot and a wonderful guide. His approach to tarot creates a beautiful sacred space for his clients and his deep understanding of each card’s archetypal message helped me to understand some of my blocks and the bigger picture. 

I did a package for 4 coaching sessions and with each reading, I was able to get a deeper sense of where I really needed to be for now. 

His love and knowledge of the card’s meanings, different spreads, and intuitive insights made this a wonderful experience. I LOVE how he reads the cards. His approach is very thoughtful and helps to really engage you more thoroughly with the archetypes. I really enjoyed working with him and the cards this way!”

W.L., Delray Beach, FL