“I got a reading from Frank about some guidance on a possible path I could take. It was incredibly accurate and resonated with me very much, especially about my current and past emotions and events.

He is certainly very kind and would give anyone an excellent reading! He is clearly very experienced and knows what he is doing. The reading was also very detailed, I am going to purchase from him again for sure.

Give him a try and see for yourself!”

F.H. Boynton Beach, FL

5/5 Stars. “The course exceeded anything I expected. Frank was very friendly, and the lessons were encouraging and motivational.  I most enjoyed the visual aids, including the different tarot spreads. The written materials were impressive, informative, and instructive. They captured and translated a very fluid subjective matter (the tarot arcana) in a very practical and useful fashion.

Because of this course I have now begun to discover and focus on my intuition. I am motivated to continue learning and practicing, and committed to the process. I recommend this to anyone.”

J.S. Lake Worth, FL

5/5 Stars. “This course was pure magic and so enjoyable! Frank’s love, respect and high regard for tarot are evident in every part of his work. He helped me explore, learn, enjoy, and fall in love with this amazing practice. He is extremely well-organized, which sets this course apart from any other course I have ever taken! Even though I have just started, I am beginning to feel competent enough after just a few weeks!!!

Frank truly is a master of his craft and a very patient and wonderful teacher and guide; I cant believe I learned so much in such a short time. This course will truly change your life!!”

K.L. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

5/5 Stars. “I loved the course! Frank is indeed a guru of Tarot, and he is also a consummate training professional. I have been in the education and training field for my whole career, and I can say that I consider him one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and learning from in any setting, in person or on-line.

In addition to his knowledge and presentation style, Frank is really personable, on stage and in person. He is a delight to know. Take a course from him and you will see for yourself! I’m wishing you the fun and fascination I found with my association with him.”

M.K. Plantation, FL

“During a difficult transitional time in my life – wanting to move in a more positive direction
without relying on traditional counseling methods that have not had long term benefit for me in
my past experience – I found Frank’s coaching practice.

My time and meetings with him were instrumental in assisting me in many ways. Frank
combines a listening heart with practical exercises both in session and between sessions that
keep you focused on long term goals, and practical steps to meet them. Frank integrates the
use of tarot, which helps you focus on positive directions as well as blockages that may be
present in your life. Each time we met I felt supported, each time I left uplifted and newly

I continue to practice many of the suggested strategies he provided, in both my professional and
personal life. I would highly recommend Frank in achieving your own personal growth!”

V.H. Jupiter, FL

“Frank has a unique ability to connect. He is caring and very intuitive, while also being direct
and honest. He introduced me to working with the cards, which have helped me form great
clarity and ideas of how to move forward in different areas of my life.

The way we work with the cards is amazing and really different. Frank does not predict my
future, but helps me see the Big Picture so that I can make deeply felt decisions with
confidence. I’m fascinated by the process, and it really helps me get to where I want to be.

Through this process I’ve discovered a BIG insight: that the most important component in
making decisions is your heart, not through rationalization. I just really love working with the
cards in this totally different way!”

J.F. Coral Springs, FL

“I was looking to gain clarity on the direction I wanted my company to take, and a clear step-by-step plan to achieve my vision. Every session has been extremely enlightening, eye opening and insightful. Frank’s caring,supportive and empathetic nature helps me feel deeply heard, opening the door for me to dig deep and face what is really holding me back courageously.

I really enjoy working with tarot cards. They bring insight and self-discovery in an almost
magical way. Through our coaching sessions I connect weekly with my purpose and passion,
helping me take the necessary steps to achieve my vision.

I am amazed at the clarity I have gained about who I am and how I can express more of myself
through my work every single day. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Frank if you are in need of clarity, guidance or would like to overcome any challenge holding you back!”

K.K. Aventura, FL