How I discovered Tarot as a miraculous tool for spiritual awakening.

On the cusp of my 40th birthday, I was finally ready to try something completely different.

For years I’d sensed there was much more to life than I was experiencing. I’d searched everywhere for truth and happiness. I had tried different careers, hobbies, groups of friends. Yet everywhere I went, nothing really changed. There was still me, and my search for something that I couldn’t describe. I always felt like there was something BIG that was available to me that I was missing out on. What was it? Where could I find it?

In my 30’s I’d already taken the huge step of recovering from alcohol addiction. I’d also done a lot of other things to get healthier: ate better, lost a lot of weight, and quit smoking. I had a wonderful wife and a decent job. I had a lot to be thankful for, and I knew it.

Still, I couldn’t help feeling as though something crucial was missing. I felt out of alignment somehow. One day I was talking with a trusted friend about these difficulties. I was desperate and open for pretty much any suggestion. What more was there to do?


She listened carefully, and then she made a very strange suggestion: TAROT.


For perhaps the first time in my life, I was speechless.

I wasn’t a fortune teller, I told her. Weren’t tarot cards silly? I was surprised she made such an odd suggestion.

Yet the moment she mentioned tarot, a tiny but very powerful possibility came over me. My logical mind dissmissed tarot immediately. But on a deeper level, I sensed otherwise.

Before then I’d never even considered using tarot cards. My friend said she understood they could potentially help people who were struggling for answers. I was ready for something different, and found that upon her suggestion my intuition was already suggesting this tarot thing might be a good idea.

It didn’t make any logical sense. It just felt right somehow.

The next few years were like nothing I ever experienced beforeI discovered all I suspected I was missing, and then some.

All those years I was searching for truth. I was frustrated because I knew deep down there was something GREAT that I was missing out on. I had searched everywhere. What I hadn’t realized was that all I was looking for was far closer to home than I ever dared to look.


It was all within me.


I’d been searching outside myself for what can only be found within. I finally discovered the true me that was buried inside, seeking to be discovered my whole life. This is my inner light, my essential self, the divine source of love and wisdom that was within me the whole time.

Tarot was the means I found for accessing it.

Discovering the truth within brought about a profound awakening. It started slowly at first, as I learned to use tarot. Before long big things began to change:

  • My heart and mind opened to new possibilities.
  • I became far more intuitive, seeing patterns throughout my life.
  • Optimism began to rule over pessimism.
  • I felt newly engaged with others and myself.
  • Solutions to problems revealed themselves more easily.
  • Where they didn’t, acceptance became more possible.
  • I felt consistently greater inner peace and love.

Upon my awakening experience I wanted nothing more than to help others do the same. I became a Certified Professional Coach, and started helping men and women who are going through their own version of what I went through. Whether it’s a “midlife crisis”, or just feeling like there is much more to themselves and life than they are currently experiencing.

To assist those undergoing their awakening, especially those in the challenging stage of midlife, I wrote a concise manual based on my profound experience. Rise & Shine: A Guide for Experiencing Your Midlife Awakening is for those navigating the path that is simultaneously beautiful, confusing, and liberating.

I am not a guru or a psychic. I’ve gained a much more spiritual outlook and have become far more intuitive than I ever was. For 40 years of my life, I had never even considered using tarot. Yet in a moment of intuitive clarity, I became ready to discover something different.

I continue to use tarot to awaken to the source of truth, wisdom, and love within me everyday. And I love helping others do the same.


A little more about me:

  • I met my incredible wife Dawn at a Las Vegas blackjack table; best jackpot ever!
  • I am perhaps the world’s biggest fan of The Beatles.
  • I love animals, especially our three cats Maggie, Otis, and Sammy.
  • I literally couldn’t wait to enter this life. I was born at home, and it happened so suddenly my father had to deliver me right there on the spot. (Thanks again, Dad!)
  • I am a long-suffering fan of the Buffalo Bills, and am completely convinced that we are finally going to win it all this year. (Like I mentioned, I don’t use tarot for fortune telling!)
  • My sense of humor is largely formed by MAD magazine and Monty Python (I never said I had great taste!)
  • I enjoy nothing more than quiet time in nature with a camera, journal, and lots of time to spend among the trees and wildlife.