What is your favorite method of intuition?

Tarot gives us access to the profound gifts we possess within ourselves

We all have an immense source of truth, wisdom, and love deep inside of us. It resides in our core, within our very essence, and is available to us at any time. Yet this powerful inner source is difficult to access until we’ve learned a method for doing so.

Intuitive methods give us access to that profound inner source. Some popular choices include:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • creativity through art or music
  • quiet time in nature
  • extended sessions of exercise

Tarot works similarly to these practices because it quiets the mind so that the soul can be heard. Tarot is unique in that it’s a deck of 78 fascinating picture cards, each a symbol for some aspect of ourselves and our lives. Holding the deck is akin to having an entire world of possibilities at our fingertips.

Carl Jung wrote extensively about how symbols are a path to the powerful world of the subconscious. By engaging with this wonderful language of symbols called “Tarot”, we transcend the limits of our normal day-to-day awareness. We can learn the deep, hidden wisdom that exists inside of us through this fascinating method.

Tarot helps us see the Big Picture. Tarot awakens our imagination. Tarot inspires us to live authentically and lovingly.

And tarot also happens to be FUN.

Hi, I’m Frank. Tarot helped awaken me to the profound gifts of wisdom and love that exist deep within us all. I must admit that for the first 40 years of my life I’d never even considered using tarot. I was a very “reasonable” guy who held the common misconception that it was used just for “fortune telling”. But then something beautiful happened, and I’ve been using this magical little deck of cards for intuitive guidance ever since.

Tarot helps me stay connected to my soul’s wisdom and love, which is why I’m so passionate about sharing this gift with others. I love teaching tarot to those who want to become more mindful, intuitive, and engaged with life. I am a Certified Professional Coach who lovingly supports those who are feeling called to become their most authentic, realized selves.

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See for Yourself

Choose a Card. Listen for Your Intuition.

First, take a deep breath and relax. Invite your intuition to share its wisdom.

Second, think of a situation in your life you would like clarity on. Relationship, job, life goals, whatever.

Third, ask a question. I suggest avoiding a “fortune-telling” type of question aimed at predicting your future.

(Not recommended: “What will happen to me regarding…?”)

Instead, ask a question that empowers you to create your own future.

(More like this: “What intuitive message can help guide me regarding…?”)

Next, click on the image to reveal your card. Click on the card again to read its description.

Finally, apply the card’s meaning to your situation. Listen for your intuition.

*Be open to getting an “Aha!” moment of clarity*

Feel free to ask a follow up question, shuffle the deck, and pick another one.


(Credit: Smith-Waite Borderless Tarot Deck, US Games Systems.)

Page of Swords

This page is a very bright and curious student. His insightful nature serves him well in areas of communication, such as speaking, writing, or learning.

This card represents an aspect of personality within all of us. Be the Page of Swords in dealing with your situation or look to someone you see as him for help.

Keywords: Curious, Insightful, Logical, Persuasive, Studious

Flip Card

The Beatles Song Tarot Project

Tarot and the music of the Beatles: Two wonderful things with much in common. They both:

  • open our minds to exciting new possibilities
  • inspire us to live with greater peace and love
  • are magical forces from a hidden dimension of greater consciousness
  • contain fascinating multitudes of layers
  • are lots of FUN!

Welcome to the Beatles Song Tarot Project. Periodically I pick a song at random by the Beatles and explore the tarot card that best corresponds to the spirit of that song.

Do you love the Beatles and are curious about tarot? Or love tarot and would like a new appreciation for Beatles music? Either way, you’re likely to discover that by closely examining one, you gain a whole new perspective on the other.

Please join me on this Magical Mystery Tour through the entire Beatles catalogue. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Because – The Star

Because – The Star (Lennon/McCartney) Abbey Road, 1969 Listening to “Because” feels like being transported to an otherworldly, mystical dimension. The sound of the song is simultaneously quiet and big. The minimal lyrics seem to say so much with so few words. It’s as if we’ve transported to the astral plane. We’re invited to join…

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Why Don’t We Do It in the Road? – Strength

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road? – Strength (Lennon/McCartney) “The White Album”, 1968 As the Beatles neared completion of the sprawling double-record that would be known as the “White Album”, Paul had one final track he wanted to record. John and George were busy working on other songs at the time, so McCartney…

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Hey Jude – Temperance

Hey Jude – Temperance (Lennon/McCartney) Released as a Single, 1968 Available on Past Masters Paul wrote “Hey Jude” as a comforting message for John’s five-year-old son Julian, who was experiencing the separation of his parents. It was originally called “Hey Jules” but Paul changed the name to Jude because he felt it sounded better. It…

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You’re invited to be part of the Tarot Awakenings Community. Join us and feel inspired as you learn something new about tarot while connecting with a community of like-minded (and kind-hearted) people.

Tarot Awakenings Online Meetups are for practitioners of all experience levels to enjoy a supportive group and overall good vibes! Don’t forget to bring your favorite deck and a tasty beverage and log in with an open mind. Embrace the Fool within and join us in the spirit of adventure.

It’s free to join the group and you’ll have the option to receive notifications of future events. To join, follow the link HERE.


Tarot is an amazing tool for awakening. It’s a fun way to develop your intuition, allowing you greater access to the deep source of truth and wisdom within you.

As you get started with tarot, the most important thing you need – other than a deck, of course – is a source for understanding what the cards mean.

As you learn tarot for greater intuition, please refer to my free EASY KEYWORD GUIDE. It is appropriate for most types of tarot deck, and provides keywords for each of the 78 cards in a beautifully-organized and printable format. The Guide also includes basic instructions for starting to work with this mystical intuitive method.

Available in paperback or eBook:

Rise & Shine:

A Guide for Experiencing Your Midlife Awakening

The Choice: Midlife Crisis or Midlife Awakening

Midlife is the only stage of our life journey that has the word “crisis” attached to it. We all know the signs: broken marriages, impulsive career changes, and other major problems. But you can choose a different path.

Now is the perfect time to experience the personal awakening that will transform you and your life.

In Rise & Shine you will discover:

  • Practical instructions for discovering the powerful source of truth, wisdom, and love within you
  • Supportive straight talk for safely advancing on the four stages of the awakening journey
  • Crucial advice for avoiding the traps that can cause major problems
  • Powerful insights and inspirational tales about the awakening process
  • Useful guidance for aligning the life you live with your personal truth

Whether you feel a burning desire to wake up—or you sense the process has already begun—Rise & Shine is the essential book to help you on your extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation.

“Rise & Shine follows in the great tradition of mystics who discover and live the spiritual way of self-realization. It is lofty and cosmic, but also an everyday, down-to-earth, step by step guide. This book takes you from ordinary being to shining as the star you are meant to be!” – James Wanless, PhD, creator of Voyager Tarot

To purchase the paperback or eBook from Amazon, please click HERE.


He may not be president anymore (for now, at least) but we’re still very much living in the Age of Trump. What does this mean and how long will it last? Are he and his followers tearing down our country or liberating it from its outworn and corrupted ways?

Similar to when we gaze at a tarot card, our answers to these questions depend on our personal perspective. Regardless of where you stand politically, it’s undeniable that in terms of tarot archetypes, we are living in the Age of the Tower. We saw it play out before our eyes on January 6, 2021. If you’re curious about how Trump and the tarot’s Tower are linked, revealing a unique perspective on these crazy times we’re living in, please read:

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