The Magical Tarot Lab:

Create Your Own Personal Symbolic Deck!

In this monthly Tarot-Creation Workshop at the Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth Florida, you will learn about and create your own Tarot cards! Join us in a fun, inspiring, and supportive environment to explore within yourself the dynamics so beautifully depicted in a Tarot deck.

Each program is structured in three sections: The first part of the workshop is comprised of some informative Tarot instruction; second, we dig into the month’s theme with some mind-opening intuitive activities. Then, attendees create their own photo-collage cards inside the amazing Juicy Creatives Studio. No previous tarot or art experience is required to fully enjoy the program.

Our first workshop is being held on Sunday, March 15th from noon until 5 pm, and we will explore the theme of the “Number Three in Tarot“. Symbolically, the number 3 concerns themes of creation, expansion, growth, and transcendence. By engaging with the “3’s” in Tarot you will gain greater mindful awareness to manifest more of these healthy dynamics in your life.

Cost for each program is $77. All materials are included: tarot handouts, art supplies, and access to the huge supply of art resources in Juicy Creatives Studio. To learn more or to register, please visit the event page on the Juicy Creatives website.

The Magical Tarot Lab is hosted and co-facilitated by Elise Crohn of Juicy Creatives Studio.

The Tarot Awakenings Online Course:

Learn a Sacred (and FUN) Method of Intuition Development

Would you like to use this fascinating deck of symbolic picture cards to be more intuitive? Learn Tarot and access the deep source of wisdom within yourself.

The Tarot Awakenings Online Course is a fun and engaging way for newcomers to learn to use tarot for their own personal self-development. The course is six weeks in length and includes weekly live classes through video link.

The course is designed to make Tarot accessible and fun, even if you have no experience. I walk you through, step-by-step, how to learn Tarot and create a personal sacred practice of using it.

Students receive recordings of each lesson, loads of helpful written materials, and caring one-on-one support from Certified Professional Life Coach Frank Kwiatkowski throughout the duration of the class.


See for Yourself

Choose a Card. Listen for Your Intuition.

First, take a deep breath and relax. Invite your intuition to share its wisdom.

Second, think of a situation in your life you would like clarity on. Relationship, job, life goals, whatever.

Third, ask a question. I suggest avoiding a “fortune-telling” type of question.

Not this: “What will happen to me regarding…?”

More like this: “What intuitive message can help guide me regarding…?”

Click on the image to reveal your card. Then click on the card and read its description.

Apply the card’s meaning to your situation. Listen for your intuition. Do you get an “Aha!” moment of clarity?

Feel free to ask a follow up question, shuffle the deck, and pick another one.

Finally, take action based on the intuitive message you received.

Live aligned to your Truth.


(Credit: Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, US Games Systems.)

King of Wands

This king is powerful and dynamic, making him a charismatic leader that others are drawn to. He’s fearless and bold, inspiring others with his authenticity.

This card represents an aspect of personality within all of us. Be the King of Wands in dealing with your situation or look to someone you see as him for help.

Keywords: Powerful, Dynamic, Inspirational, Bold, Visionary

Flip Card

Hi, I’m Frank. Tarot opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a world I only imagined possible. I help others awaken to their own source of truth, wisdom and love using this mystical intuitive method.

For the first 40 years of my life I’d never even considered using tarot. I held the common misconception that it was used for “fortune telling”. But then something quite incredible happened, and I’ve been using tarot for intuitive guidance nearly every day since.

Thank you for visiting my website. How can I help you?

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Tarot is an amazing tool for awakening. It’s a fun way to develop your intuition, allowing you greater access to the deep source of truth and wisdom within you.

When you are new to tarot, the most important thing you need – other than a deck, of course – is a source for understanding what the cards mean.

As you learn tarot for greater intuition, please refer to my free EASY KEYWORD GUIDE. It is appropriate for most types of tarot deck, and provides keywords for each of the 78 cards in a beautifully-organized and printable format. The Guide also includes basic instructions for starting to work with this mystical intuitive method.

Keyword Guide

The Beatles Song Tarot Project

They are two of my very favorite things: Tarot and the music of the Beatles. They have a lot in common. They both:

  • are colorful, magical, mystical, and fun.
  • open our eyes so we see more clearly.
  • open our hearts so we feel more fully.
  • open our minds to think more imaginatively.
  • enhance our intuition so we learn the wisdom from deep within ourselves.


Welcome to the Beatles Song Tarot Project! Each week or so, I randomly pick a different song by the Beatles and explore the tarot card that best illustrates the spirit of that song.

Do you love the Beatles and are curious about tarot? Or love tarot and would like to take a closer look at the music of The Beatles? Or, perhaps you love them both (yes, you and I are kindred spirits!) and are just curious to see how they Come Together?

Regardless your reasons, please enjoy this magical trip through the entire Beatles catalogue!

Back in the U.S.S.R. – 4 of Wands

BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. – 4 of Wands (Lennon/McCartney) The Beatles (The White Album), 1968 The White Album opens with sounds of an airplane engine followed by an uptempo drum and guitar beat. “Back in the U.S.S.R.” is a raucous pastiche of Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys. The song’s title is lifted directly from…

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Rocky Raccoon – 5 of Swords

Rocky Raccoon – 5 of Swords (Lennon/McCartney) The Beatles (The White Album), 1968 Like most songs off the White Album, “Rocky Raccoon” was written in India, while the Beatles were learning meditation from the Maharishi. Paul claimed the song came to him quite quickly and easily while he got some lyrical ideas from John and…

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Words Of Love – Page of Cups

Words Of Love – Page of Cups (Holly) Beatles For Sale, 1964 For their fourth album – Beatles For Sale – the Fab Four recorded plenty of songs by the artists who influenced them. These cover songs were from their live act, going back to their earliest days together. The Beatles were like most rock bands…

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